Canuck Otaku

30 - Spring 2021 Preview (Part 2)

May 14, 2021 Canuck Otaku Season 2 Episode 8
Canuck Otaku
30 - Spring 2021 Preview (Part 2)
Show Notes

Episodes 29 and 30 are all about Spring 2021! Listen to our grievances with Moriarty, Luigi trying to explain the plot of 86, us trying to avoid the wrath of Tokyo Revengers manga readers, Chris lamenting the identity struggles of artists, and our complete amazement of To Your Eternity.

In this episode, we discuss out general thoughts on some of the shows running this season. The shows in this part are mainly the big-hit, AOTY, Oscar-type shows and include (with time stamps):
 - Mars Red (4:45) 
 - 86 EIGHTY-SIX (14:30) 
 - Tokyo Revengers (27:16) 
 - Those Snow White Notes (35:30) 
 - Higehiro (53:30) 
 - To Your Eternity (76:56) 

*SPOILER WARNING: This episode was recorded after 3-4 episodes of each show was released so just a discretion*

Check out Episode 29 for our thoughts on the lighter, feel-good shows of the season including:
 - Iruma-kun
 - My Hero Academia
 - Koikomo
 - Osamake
 - Nagatoro-san